On Photography:

Photographs that are not technically perfect have the most soul. Aberrations of camera, lens and film strongly convey that we are not viewing a true representation of reality, but only how the camera records the subject. They confirm the medium and give the photograph immediacy and character.

Photographic composition is as much about what is not in the picture as what is in the picture. Just as they say that music is all about the space between the notes, photography can be all about what lies outside the box.

On My Technique:

I work with older, 35mm or medium format manual film cameras, and use whatever natural light is available. I like to compose my pictures in the viewfinder and print them full frame whenever it makes sense.

For black and white images I use mostly Kodak Tri-X film and develop it in D-76 or Diafine -- depending on the situation. My color pictures are on Ektachrome and lab processed. I make high resolution scans using home-made film holders to get the full frame of the negative and print the image with pigment inks on archival grade fiber-based paper. There are no manipulations to the image other than basic darkroom controls.